Life of a Twenty-Something

Just a twenty-something living the dream, trying to check off the bucket list, one entry at a time

The List

Almost everyone has a bucket list. I do. But I’ve noticed that I usually consider a lot of the entries as “someday” experiences. But that’s changing. Today. Carpe Diem and In Omnia Paratus. So I’m making revisions. A subsection, if you will. This part of my list will be tailored specifically for things I want to accomplish specifically in my twenties.  I figured a pretty good place to begin is with the The Video from a Buzzfeed post (Henry Goldman, you are a genius, whoever you are) that set this whole project in motion and was the impetus behind this blog. This is the initial draft. I’ll add/revise as I go.

The List

1. Visit the major cities of Europe.

2. Take a train, like the Trans-Siberian Railroad

3. Go off the grid for a week – no internet, no communication. Just me and a map.

4. Visit places in my own backyard. Discover the wonders of the 50 states.

5. Road Trip!

6. Go camping in the Montana wilderness

7. Backpack around Europe

8. Go on vacation with someone I love

9. Bum around a beach for a week with my best friend

10. See Mumford and Sons perform live in concert

11. Get a tattoo

12. Intern in Washington, D.C., for a semester

13. Get my own apartment

14. Graduate with a bachelor’s degree

15. Take an unplanned, spontaneous vacation

16. Find the love of my life (and possibly realize I was wrong)

17. Go on another service trip. Louisiana? Mexico? Haiti? Jamaica?

18. Get into grad school of some kind (who knows if I’ll actually go?)

19. Take a photography course

20. Get a job.



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