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Czech Me Out

I can’t believe it, but I’m actually typing this up from an airport in Prague, Czech Republic! It’s finally here. After months of countdowns and preparations and one (almost) sleepless … Continue reading

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A Girl’s Best Friend

So, this weekend, I’m spending some time at home. Of course I love taking the weekend off and relocating from my cramped dorm to my spacious house with free laundry, … Continue reading

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An Ode to Journalists

  Ask any journalist why they got into the business, and they’ll probably have a really eloquent answer (hey, we write for a living). But I think it’s rare that … Continue reading

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Why I Dance

If you know me at all or follow me on any social media platform, then you’ve heard me talk about something called THON. But what is it and why is … Continue reading

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Running for Emily to End Domestic Violence

“Every 9 seconds in the US, a woman is assaulted or beaten.” So this post is a little unconventional. But it’s so necessary. A very good friend of mine contacted … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, I bet you’re surprised to be reading this, huh? It’s not all that often that kids (especially us twenty-somethings) sit down and tell you how we … Continue reading

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Date A Boy Who Travels

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Dudarev Mikhail Date a boy who travels. Date a boy who treasures experience over toys, a hand-woven bracelet over a Rolex. Date the boy who…

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