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13 Things Every Girl Knows Are Worth Waiting For

Yeah, I’d say this is accurate. Especially the coffee one. Like really accurate about coffee

Thought Catalog

  • Your sheets to come out of the dryer so you can immediately put them on your bed and climb in while they’re still warm. Even if it’s 2pm and you have no intention of sleeping, do it just for the feeling of lying there, wrapped in a fresh, spring-scented, static electric cocoon.
  • A friend at a bar when they’re already 20 minutes late and you didn’t feel like going out anyway, but you came because you know that when they finally do show up, all the little stresses of the day will evaporate, and you’ll melt into an easy, comfortable, tipsy, private murmur of friendship that’s worth risking a weekday hangover for.
  • A table at your favorite breakfast place on a Sunday morning after a late night when you know it will be crowded and there will be a long wait, but you do it anyway for that perfect moment…

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